Trial Victory!

The Rubin Law Corporation is pleased to report that our client James Mecredy won a trial victory on Tuesday May 30, 2017 when a Los Angeles jury returned a verdict that Sargent Aerospace, Sonic Division slandered James Mecredy. The Rubin Law Corporation proved and the jury further determined that Sargent Aerospace, Sonic Division through its representatives unlawfully interfered with Mr. Mecredy’s employment at a subsequent employer. The jury awarded the sum of $474,004.00 in compensation to Mr. Mecredy. It was a 9-day trial involving the testimony of 9 witnesses and 4 experts handled together with trusted co-counsel. Mr. Mecredy prevailed over a major aerospace corporation represented by trial attorneys with a strong history of winning.


Since 1995, our Los Angeles employment law firm has been vigorously protecting the rights of California employees in the workplace — from high-level executives and corporate leaders to class action cases of off-the-clock or misclassified workers who are claiming for unpaid overtime wages.

We have confidentially and discreetly settled hundreds of such disputes to the satisfaction of our clients — frequently without the cost and disruption of protracted litigation.

When trouble occurs, you deserve a Los Angeles employment attorney who can stand by you through negotiations and disputes, or in the courtroom, to help you make the decisions that are best for you based on a full understanding of your rights under California law.

Since 1995, we have been protecting the rights of California employees and using the law to attain justice on behalf of our clients in courtroom litigation, direct negotiation with companies, and mediation and arbitration throughout the state of California. Our lawyers regularly appear on behalf of clients from Los Angeles to San Diego, even Sacramento.

What distinguishes our firm?

  • 37 years of experience
  • A history of success
  • A strategic approach that focuses on you
  • Exceptional attention to client concerns
  • High ethical standards
  • Contingency fee representation

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Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles

At The Rubin Law Corporation, our Los Angeles employment attorneys help executives, managers, professionals, workers and employees with work-related disputes throughout the state of California.

Our attorneys are devoted to defending your rights.

We file in court each year a wide variety of employment-related lawsuits, whether wrongful termination, for example, on behalf of high-level executives and professionals, or unpaid overtime on behalf of misclassified hourly workers.

At The Rubin Law Corporation, our clients come from varied employment workplace situations.With more than 30 years of experience, our Los Angeles lawyers have the skill to handle all major labor law and work issues, including:


Pregnancy, Disability, and Your Rights.

California’s employment laws offer broad protections for women with pregnancy-related disabilities, and those protections are becoming even broader as the laws change.

What our clients are saying:

  • “My mother, a former client of Steven Rubin, is now residing at Ocean Villa, an assisted living facility in Santa Monica. Thanks again for helping her out nearly 5 years ago to retain her dignity and helping her to retire on her own terms.  We can’t thank you enough for doing a fabulous job for her in her time of need.”


    Leslie S.
  • “I was in my 40s needing surgery, unemployed trying to figure out how to pay my Cobra, unable to continue my Life Insurance, unable to keep up with my mortgage and forced out of my job under the guise of lay off.  I decided, I could not let this one go and found Steve Rubin.  He and his staff (who are amazing) gave me the support and the confidence that I needed to fight.”


    M D
  • “Steve Rubin is by far one of the most exceptional attorneys I have had the pleasure to work with.  Steve has a passion and dedication to law, specifically in doing what is morally and ethically right.”


    M D
  • “When I came to The Rubin Law Firm I was at a very low point in my life but after hearing my story Steven could see I had been wronged and started to work on making things right . . . The Rubin Law Firm not only got my reputation back but brought to the surface the lies and deceit and the person responsible.”


    Jack L.
  • “I would not hesitate in recommending Mr. Rubin to anyone in need of an employment attorney.  Mr. Rubin and his associates took every measure to ensure the best outcome of my case and kept me informed throughout the process.”


    Rachel S.
  • “I felt I had been discriminated against, and that the company handled the situation unprofessionally, and possibly illegally . . . Thanks to Steven the company that had discriminated against me settled out of court for a substantial and deserved amount.”


  • “It is without hesitation that I would recommend Steve Rubin as an attorney . . . it was important for me to have an attorney that I had complete confidence in, and felt was always on my side and willing to do the extra work that was required for a successful outcome.”



An Advocate for the Rights of Individuals

Los Angeles employment law attorney Steven Rubin is a strong advocate for the rights of individuals in the workplace. He regularly litigates claims on behalf of employees against publicly traded corporations, major financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, retail establishments and other employers across California and the United States.

Our law firm also caters to top-level employees who need focused legal representation to assist them discreetly and effectively with severance agreements and other employment issues.

The Rubin Law Corporation also frequently co-counsels with other firms for a wide variety of matters to ensure that the resources of well-funded opponents are matched and that our clients have access to a full spectrum of legal experience, skills and knowledge.

No matter what your employment law needs, our employment law attorneys in Los Angeles have the experience, resources and relationships to help you achieve your legal objectives.


Did Your Employer Treat You Wrongly?

Do you think you were discriminated against by your employer? Do you have a question about your rights as an employee? Our skilled Los Angeles employment attorneys and labor lawyers can give you in-depth and confidential legal counsel on a wide variety of labor and employment law issues ranging from simple matters that can be resolved with a letter or a meeting to complex disputes requiring skilled trial advocacy.

Attorney Involvement From the Beginning Is Critical

Our employment law attorneys encourage you to speak with us as soon as you believe you might have an employment issue that could be resolved with legal assistance.

We prepare our cases early, and we prepare effectively so that we can settle matters favorably, often before a complaint is even filed in court.

We work with private investigators to obtain witness statements, use specialized software to create timelines and charts, and access medical records to obtain the evidence needed to succeed in employment claims.

We utilize medical professionals and certified public accountants (CPAs) or economists to substantiate your damage claims.


By preparing aggressively for litigation, our lawyers may be able to help you solve problems quickly, end discrimination, stop sexual harassment, and return your focus to your life and career. We are regularly involved in voluntary and court-ordered mediations, which can be a relatively fast and effective way to recover compensation for violation of federal and state labor laws.

Contact The Rubin Law Corporation by e-mailing us or calling 310-385-0777 to speak with a Los Angeles employment law lawyer about your employment law concerns.

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Our team:

Steven M. Rubin dedicates his career to promoting the rights of individuals in the workplace. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University in 1976 and from the USC Law Center in 1979 where he served as a member of the Southern California Law Review.

Steven Rubin

Evelyne Kim graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations.

Evelyne Kim

Legal Assistant
Paymon Mondegari received his Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School, was selected as an Employee Justice Fellow by the California Employment Lawyers Association, is a member of the State Bar of California, and assists in all aspects of the firm’s employment litigation caseload.

Paymon Mondegari

Associate Attorney

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