At The Rubin Law Corporation, our Los Angeles alternative dispute resolution attorneys understand that sometimes the best and most effective action can be as simple as sending a letter.

While a lawsuit might be necessary if the discrimination and harassment you are experiencing continue, a letter from our office can allow the employer to remedy the situation without harming your relationship with the company.

Whether you would prefer to negotiate an accommodation with your employer directly or you would like an attorney from our office to explain the situation, we can help you receive the accommodations you require while reinforcing to your employer the need for confidentiality.

If the company fails to act or retaliates against you, you may then be in a stronger position to take the matter to court.

Experienced Alternative Dispute Resolution Attorneys

As experienced alternative dispute resolution lawyers in Los Angeles, we know how to bring your case to trial and we are always thinking about the possibility of litigation. When a trial will get you the best results, we do not hesitate to take aggressive action.

Consulting regularly with psychologists and psychiatrists, we also work with health care professionals to prepare your case. We explore every legal, factual and medical issue of your situation so you know that we will get the best possible results for you.

Contact a Los Angeles Dispute Resolution Lawyer Today

Litigation is not appropriate for every circumstance. Although we fight aggressively in the courtroom when litigation is necessary, there are times when other services will be more beneficial to our clients than taking an employer to court.

For some clients, understanding their rights is the first step to protecting them. When litigation is not the right step, our office often uses alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, mediation and negotiation to solve problems for our clients.

Often arbitration clauses contractually bind employees to alternative dispute resolution. Sometimes they find that arbitration, mediation or negotiation is the most cost-effective solution for their employment law dispute. We are equipped to work with you regardless of your needs.

Contact The Rubin Law Corporation online or call 310-385-0777 to discuss your unique alternative dispute resolution needs.

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