About The Rubin Law Corporation

Facing disputes, discrimination or harassment at work can be highly emotional, affecting all aspects of your work and personal life, and preventing you from achieving the success you deserve.

At The Rubin Law Corporation, we know the damage that these conflicts can cause. That is why we work vigilantly to protect employee rights. Located in Beverly Hills, California, we serve clients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, and the entire Southern California region.

Whether you are still in your job and require advice on how to handle a situation at work or whether you no longer hold your job and are looking to negotiate a settlement of your claims prior to filing a lawsuit, we can help. We will also represent you in litigation when a negotiation is unavailing and will fight aggressively to recover the compensation you deserve.

A Results-Oriented Approach to Create Solutions for Your Unique Needs

By taking a practical and results-oriented approach, we develop a strategy for cases tailored to the needs of each client.

Our clients range from employees in need of general employment law advice to high-level executives with unique requirements for discreet legal representation. We regularly take legal action on behalf of individual employees against major publicly traded corporations, major financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, hospital and medical employers, and major retail establishments throughout California and the United States.

A High Level of Personal Attention: Lawyers Who Value Honest Communication

We take pride in giving all of our clients the highest level of personal attention to every aspect of their cases.

At The Rubin Law Corporation, we listen attentively to your objectives, using our experience and skill to offer you quality representation designed to achieve your goals.

We speak with you honestly throughout your case and place great emphasis on keeping in touch with you. When you hire The Rubin Law Corporation, you hire attorneys who work with you personally to protect your rights and take effective action for you.

Quick and Effective Solutions So That You Can Concentrate on the Future

We act quickly from the moment we take your case. Frequently, this approach helps us settle matters efficiently without having to engage in lengthy and costly litigation.

Our cases are often negotiated to a satisfactory conclusion in a relatively brief period, getting you the compensation you deserve and allowing you to move on with your life.

We firmly believe that expeditious and effective solutions will help you put the past behind you and concentrate on the future. Of course, sometimes employers will not listen to reason unless they are hauled into court. We manage a very active docket of employment law cases filed against companies large and small doing business in the state of California.

Meet Our Team

Steven M. Rubin dedicates his career to promoting the rights of individuals in the workplace. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University in 1976 and from the USC Law Center in 1979 where he served as a member of the Southern California Law Review.

Steven Rubin

Natalie Klasky graduated from Loyola Law School where she was in the top 15% of her class in her third year. She was a law fellow at Public Counsel, the largest pro-bono law firm in the nation, where she participated in high stakes litigation against large banks, hospitals, and for-profit schools.

Natalie Klasky

Associate Attorney
Evelyne Kim graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations.

Evelyne Kim

Legal Assistant