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We work closely with our clients and listen attentively to their concerns to develop a litigation plan to meet their individual and unique needs. We are trustworthy and compassionate lawyers who put your interests first. Read what our clients have to say here

We handle court cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid when you get paid, out of the recovery from the employer.

We offer free confidential case evaluations for potential court cases.

Founder Steven M. Rubin is a 25+ year employment lawyer with deep expertise who has successfully litigated and resolved every type of employment case, large and small, on behalf of C suite executives and high-level managers, as well as ordinary workers who have had their rights violated in the workplace. We represent CFOs, CEOs, COOs, human resource professionals, executives, managers, nurses, big box workers, truck repair techs, security guards and all workers of all trades who have viable employment claims.

We practice employment law exclusively and have done so for decades. We represent employees exclusively, which means we are committed to employee justice in the workplace.

We handle wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, whistleblower, pregnancy, medical and disability related leave claims, and unpaid wage claims with vigor and tenacity. We regularly handle race, age, disability, and medical discrimination cases.

We review and negotiate severance, including severance packages, non-compete, non-disclosure, eligibility for rehire.

We go to trial. In 2017, we won one the highest employment verdicts in the State. We are experienced not only in trial but also in defending and prosecuting appeals. This experience provides perspective needed to fairly and fully evaluate your case; and the clout needed to get a good settlement.

We also are very experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Some cases can be resolved early and well in confidential mediation.  We know how to identify early mediation cases so that you can move on with your life without years of delay. Likewise, we know and regularly employ the most favorable and skilled mediators to get you the compensation you deserve.

Some cases must go into private arbitration before a retired judge instead of court because of mandatory arbitration agreements. The deck is stacked against the employee. But we understand arbitration and the different sets of arbitration rules whether it be AAA, JAMS, or ADR Services. This knowledge and experience helps get you the results you deserve.

We are respected members of the California Employment Lawyers Association, the National Employment Lawyers Association and the Los Angeles County Bar Association. We have been respected members of these legal communities for decades.

What sets our law firm apart from the others?

  • We Focus Only on Employment Law. It takes many, many, years of practice in this highly specialized field to understand the wide array of laws and factors that determine the viability and value of a case. Because of our experience, we possess that understanding.
  • 25+ Years Experience. In order to know the strengths and weaknesses of your case, you need an overview of what will happen to the case as it goes forward in litigation. Experience is the key to understanding. Because of our experience we offer valuable insight to our clients about the strengths and weaknesses of their claims and the best course to navigate to receive fair and just compensation.
  • No Recovery No Fee Representation. We do not charge you unless we recover compensation in your litigation case.
  • We Listen. We Care. We get the details from you. We work as a team together with you. We understand that you are our best resource for your case. We identify your legal goals and follow a plan to achieve them.
  • Small Firm Focus. Steve Rubin is directly involved in each and every case from intake through trial. The case is not handed off to an inexperienced associate who has no guidance, as may be the case in larger, less focused firms.
  • Proven Track Record Of Success. The firm received one of the leading employment case verdicts in 2017. The firm has a consistent history of favorable case resolutions (click here).
  • Highly Recommended By Our Clients. Take a look at the client testimonials for our firm by clicking here. You can also click here.
  • Candid Case Evaluation. Many factors should be reviewed when considering litigation. We look closely at the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the risks and benefits of settlement and litigation. As the case moves forward we consider new facts and documents and witnesses and convey their meaning to our clients so that our clients have a clear understanding of where they stand and what is the best course for them.

Recent cases handled by Rubin Law

Does your situation at work look like any of the following?

  • Disability, retaliation, and age discrimination case where executive employee in 50s is terminated while on disability leave after making serious whistleblowing complaints against the company.
  • Sexual harassment case involving two nurses where male Doctor grabbed and manhandled them.
  • Sexual harassment case where male employee supervisor systematically approached female subordinates about having sex leading to workplace and home life disruptions. Employer management staff was found to have covered up the situation older
  • Race discrimination case where construction worker and supervisor were terminated and replaced by white workers after complaining about working conditions.
  • Pregnancy discrimination case where employee was fired upon disclosing her pregnancy to her employer. Unfortunately, this happens all too frequently in the Los Angeles area
  • Defamation and interference case where Aerospace employer got former employee fired from new job
  • Misclassification case where employee was unlawfully classified as exempt instead of his hourly. Many employees and employers are unaware that the classification is set as a matter of law and not unilaterally by the employer.
  • Whistleblower retaliation case where an employee complained of bribery and misconduct by supervisors and was fired as a result.

Items that will help you to establish an awesome relationship with your attorney

Employees often ask what they should bring to their attorney’s office in order for their case to be evaluated. Below is a brief list:

  1. Timeline of events. In employment cases, a timeline is often indispensable for an understanding of what took place and its legal significance. Start from your first day of employment and then go into details on the questions of most significance such as medical leaves and termination events and acts of sexual harassment. Follow a format of Who? What? Where? When?
  2. List of witnesses. Often witnesses who can support your version of events are the key to prevailing in a case. Creating a list of witnesses with their contact information particularly their phone numbers, is vitally important. You can bring the witness list with a description of what the witness can attest to, over to the attention of your lawyer, who will then obtain witness statements. Do not obtain witness statements on your own.
  3. Medical records. Medical records are often of importance for two reasons. First, your medical records may establish the basis for your disability discrimination and failure to accommodate claims as well as any family medical leave act claims that you may wish to pursue. Second, medical records will document damages, most particularly the mental injury that you have suffered as a result of the employment violation. These mental injuries may range from an adjustment disorder to a serious depression and/or severe anxiety. Documenting the injuries provides the basis for a full recovery of monetary compensation.
  4. Pay stubs. The law presumes that the name of the employer on the paycheck is in fact your employer. The pay stubs also contain information about your rate of pay and possibly how much overtime you work and other factors that may go to the proper calculation of your lost wages and benefits damages…
  5. Emails, text messages, other electronic messages. To the extent that you have these, and they are not proprietary information of the employer, this can be very helpful to you. You have to be careful not to take property that belongs to the employer.
  6. Honest, open, and responsive. Your prompt and sincere cooperation will lead to the best results.

We have decades of experience suing major employers who violate employment laws in Los Angeles and Orange counties including: Hospitals, Banks, Brokerages, Marketing companies, Trucking companies, Private jet companies, Manufacturing companies, Fortune 500 companies, Aerospace companies, Private universities, Entertainment companies Production companies, Music publishers, Advertising agencies, Architecture firms, Major nonprofits, Big-Box retailers Retail chain stores, Automobile dealerships, Restaurant chains

Experienced Employment Attorney is Here to Help

If you are facing a difficult situation at work, an experienced employment attorney can help. You don’t have to deal with the legal issues alone. At Rubin Law Corporation, we are committed to protecting the rights of California employees in the workplace. We are award winning litigators who know how to go to trial and win. Often, we can settle cases favorably before trial so you can collect the recovery you deserve and move on with your life. We practice employment law on behalf of employees exclusively and have done so for more than 20 years.

Types of Employment Law Cases We Handle

Our Los Angeles employment law firm has worked with clients with an array of employment law issues. We will listen to your story and then develop a plan to address your specific situation.

With over 20 years of experience, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through any of the following situations:

Wrongful Termination

If you have been fired from your job for illegal reasons, you may be able to file a wrongful termination claim. We know that the loss of a job can be devastating for both you and your family. You may be worried about paying bills and buying groceries. Let us worry about the legal issues. We can evaluate your case and advise you of your options, as well as file a lawsuit on your behalf.


People in certain classes have protections against negative employment action through discrimination. If your employer has terminated you, failed to promote you, or taken another negative action due to your race, religion, age over 40, sex, disability, and more, then you may have recourse against them. Contact our employment attorney right away to discuss your case.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be traumatic for both men and women. It can include much more than the obvious touching or inappropriate words. If you’ve felt uncomfortable at work due to sexual advances, electronic or physical stalking, or other inappropriate behavior, an employment attorney can help you understand your rights under California law.

Wage & Hour Claims

Both state and federal laws mandate that you must be paid fairly. Unpaid overtime is often an issue that our employment attorney sees. When facing a large company and their attorneys, you need a lawyer who will stand by your side and represent your best interests. Rubin Law Corporation is not afraid to stand up for your rights to fair pay.

Whistleblower Claims

If you notice that your employer or a coworker are engaging in illegal or fraudulent activity, you may choose to report it. Both state and federal laws protect you from negative employment action after making a whistleblower claim. It’s important to work with an employment lawyer to make sure your rights are protected as you report those who have acted illegally.

Contracts & Agreements

Employment situations are often verified with a contract or employment agreement. However, your employer and their attorney have their own best interests in mind. You should have an employment attorney review your employment contracts to make sure that the agreements are addressing and meeting your needs.

Executives and Professionals

If you are an executive within a company, you have likely worked hard for that organization. You have a vested interest in seeing the company do well. However, when your own best interests conflict with those of the company, you should consult with an employment attorney.

Professionals with certificates and licenses often work hard to earn a position within an organization. Nurses, doctors, techs, and physicians may be confused about what to do when they are faced with employment issues. An attorney can guide you through the legal process and help you maintain your dignity.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is rife with illegal activity. It’s important to work closely with an employment attorney as you navigate both your workplace and everyday life. You will likely encounter contracts on a regular basis, and a skilled lawyer can review them to ensure that your employer is not taking advantage of you. At Rubin Law Corporation, we can represent you as you navigate the entertainment industry.

Understanding Employment Laws in California

California has strict laws that support employees. However, you must understand how they work in order to protect yourself. Federal laws can also benefit you, if you know how to apply them to your situation. Rubin Law Corporation can help you understand and protect yourself with the following laws:

It’s important to work with an employment attorney to make sure you use these laws to protect you, read more about employee rights.

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Why You Need an Employment Attorney

It’s important to work with an employment attorney who has extensive experience representing employees. Legal issues can become complex quickly; moreover, employers and large companies often have teams of attorneys on their side. Don’t try to face them alone. Instead, work with an employment lawyer at Rubin Law Corporation who understands California and federal laws and can make those regulations work for you.


Meet Our Team

Attorney Steven M. Rubin

Steven Rubin

Steven M. Rubin dedicates his career to promoting the rights of individuals in the workplace. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University in 1976 and from the USC Law Center in 1979 where he served as a member of the Southern California Law Review.

Paymon Mondegari

Associate Attorney
Paymon Mondegari received his Juris Doctor from Southwestern Law School, was selected as an Employee Justice Fellow by the California Employment Lawyers Association, is a member of the State Bar of California, and assists in all aspects of the firm’s employment litigation caseload.

Caroline Wang

UCLA Paralegal
Paralegal studies Certificate from UCLA Paralegal Program Master of Science in Economics from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia Bachelor degree in International Economics and Relations from Beijing International Studies University in Beijing, China

Evelyne Kim

Law Clerk
Evelyne Kim graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California with a degree in International Relations.

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