Age Discrimination

Older people frequently contribute more experience, knowledge and competency to the workplace. But some employers use age discrimination practices against older job seekers and employees. Driven by mistaken ideas that older employees have greater medical expenses or may not remain in the company for the long term, they sometimes take discriminatory and illegal decisions that unfairly prejudice older workers.

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What is age discrimination?

Courts often look to circumstantial evidence to find age discrimination by looking at all the facts involved and comparing what happened to you with what happened to younger workers.

Often employers blame non-age-related factors such as corporate downsizing, reductions in the workforce or reorganization for the illegal actions. However, you may recognize age discrimination when your employer takes adverse employment action because of your age while similarly situated, but younger, employees were treated differently and more favorably. Some cases include:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Demotion
  • Suspension

Federal and state laws protect workers from employment discrimination based on age. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act protects people over age 40 from discriminatory hiring practices and employment decisions made by employers based on age discrimination.

Our age discrimination lawyers in Los Angeles know the law, and we can help you understand how it applies to you. We have represented an executive who was accused of performance problems to justify discharging her without a retirement package. Through our discrimination lawyers’ severance negotiations, she was able to obtain a generous retirement package and good references.

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