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Huntington Beach CA Employment Law Attorney

If you are having legal issues at work, a Huntington Beach CA employment law attorney can help. Being treated unfairly at work can be stressful and overwhelming. But both federal and California state laws protect workers like you. If you feel your employer has violated your rights, contact Rubin Law Corporation. We can help protect your rights.

Types of Cases Rubin Law Corporation Handles

Attorney Steven Rubin has more than 20 years of experience in employment litigation. He has worked with countless clients dealing with discrimination, wrongful termination, and other illegal behavior. Your employer may seem powerful, but at Rubin Law Corporation, we aren’t afraid to go up against big bad corporations.

We can help you with an array of employment law issues:

Wrongful Termination

If your employer wrongfully fires you from your job, you may be able to regain your job or recover damages. Often, wrongful termination arises when you are sexually harassed or discriminated against, you report the situation, and then are terminated as a result. You may have spoken up about something illegal at your workplace and in turn, you were terminated. Each of these situations is illegal and amounts to wrongful termination. You have legal recourse. Rubin Law Corporation can help.


State and federal laws prohibit most types of discrimination in the workplace. Federal laws specifically protect employees against discrimination due to race, race, sex, disability, religion, and age. California extends those protections to also include sexual orientation, gender identity, medical conditions, and marital status. If your employer discriminated against you because of the things listed here, contact a Huntington Beach CA employment law attorney.

Employment discrimination may take two different forms in the workplace:

  1. Hostile work environment, or harassment
  2. Negative employment decisions

If you’ve faced either of these situations, you may be eligible for damages based on how the discrimination has impacted you.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace often comes in the form of a hostile work environment. You may be discriminated against due to sex, gender, or identity. You may have faced unfair treatment due to pregnancy. All of these things may qualify as sexual harassment under the law if the behavior is ongoing and pervasive.

Wage and Hour Claims

Employment Law Attorney Huntington Beach CA

California has strict laws regarding the payment of employees. And federal law backs up those state laws to protect you. If you’ve been incorrectly paid, then you may have a wage and hour claim.  If you have questions about how you should have been paid, call an Orange County employment law attorney.

Most employers must abide by these laws. However, even if your employer is exempt from federal laws, they likely must abide by California state laws. Similarly, some employees are exempt from things like overtime. However, if you were wrongly classified and unfairly paid, then a wage and hour claim may be right in your situation.

Whistleblower Claims

If you know of something illegal that your employer is doing, you may want to report it. But many employees worry about their jobs and and wonder what will happen after making such a report. Federal and California state laws are in place to protect you. Whether you know about violations by your employer or other illegal activities, your reporting the unethical behavior is in the best interest of the public.

Although the law protects whistleblowers, your employer may wrongfully terminate you if you report them for their illegal actions. In such a situation, you can recover damages, and you may even be able to obtain your position at work again. A lawyer can help you understand your rights as well as provide guidance as to what actions you can take to protect yourself.

Executives and Professionals

When you’ve worked hard to move up in your career, you may often face legal issues. Rubin Law Corporation can help executives and professionals with contracts, agreements, and more. We can also help you manage your interests and make decisions that will benefit you.

Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry can be glamorous on the surface, but the underbelly is often quite seedy. Whether you are employed by a small or large entertainment company, you may face unfair treatment. Rubin Law Corporation has experience with many of the contracts entertainment industry employees are subject to. We can help you review contracts and other legal documents, and provide you with expert legal advice.

Contact a Huntington Beach CA Employment Law Attorney for Help

If an employer or someone who works with you has treated you unfairly, don’t try to deal with the situation alone. Rubin Law Corporation has extensive experience handling a wide array of employment cases. Contact us today to speak to a Huntington Beach CA employment law attorney.

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