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Protecting employees against discrimination and unethical practices is our goal at Rubin Law Corporation. For over 20 years, we have had a track record for negotiating successful outcomes for our clients, and we can do the same for you.

Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, gender, and disability. California law holds employers to a higher standard and prohibits employment discrimination against individuals who are gay, transgender, or gender non-conforming. To learn more about how an Orange CA employment law attorney can help you deal with workplace discrimination and other unfair practices, read on.

Wrongful Termination

For the most part, employment is undertaken on an at-will basis, which means employers can terminate an employee without giving a reason, and employees can quit their jobs without giving a reason. However, if you suspect you are terminated as a result of discrimination, you should consult an Orange CA employment law attorney right away.

Wrongful termination is being fired for a discriminatory reason, such as age, race, or religion. Also, your employer cannot fire you for lodging a complaint against them or because you reported their illegal activities. Termination under these circumstances is considered retaliation and is against the law.


Federal law prohibits discrimination by race, religion, gender/sex, age, or disability. In the workplace, discrimination is categorized in two ways.

The first type alleges that an employer is discriminating when making personnel decisions, such as hiring, firing, and promotions. For example, an employer cannot refuse to give an application to people of a particular race or religion. Another example is refusing to promote an employee who filed a complaint against the company.

The other type of discrimination is harassment or creating a hostile work environment. If you are the object of jokes, inappropriate comments, name-calling, or in extreme cases, physical assault, it?s considered harassment. The law requires your employer to investigate your complaint and correct the situation.

Sexual Harassment

The “Me Too” movement has raised the collective awareness about sexual harassment. Employers are legally responsible for the prevention and resolution of any instances of sexual harassment.

Unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate or suggestive language, or requests for sexual favors are sexual harassment and constitute a hostile work environment. When an employee reports such behavior to their supervisor or Human Resources department, your employer required to resolve the situation.

If you reported sexual harassment and your employer failed to address your complaint, visit an Orange CA employment law attorney for advice. We have zero tolerance for sexual harassment.

Wage and Hour Issues

Employment Law Attorney

Many wage-related lawsuits are related to the practice of employee misclassification. Under this practice, workers are classified as independent contractors rather than employees to save the company money.

When you’re treated as an independent contractor, your employer doesn’t have to pay for benefits, taxes, or workman?s compensation. You lose health benefits, pay more in taxes, and are not covered by unemployment insurance. Not only is that illegal, but it’s also unfair. An Orange CA employment law attorney will make sure you get everything you’re entitled to.

Whistleblower Retaliation

If you act in good faith and report an illegal or criminal activity being committed by your employer, they are prohibited from discriminating against you or retaliating in any way. If you experience retaliation, you may be able to sue your employer.

Executives and Professionals

You’ve worked hard and finally made it to the top of your profession. It’s likely that your employment includes a contract that spells out the working relationship between you and your employer. Whenever you receive a contract as part of your job, be sure to consult an Orange CA employment law attorney before you sign it. We can help you understand the terms of the contract and identify clauses that may not be in your best interest. You can ask for changes to your agreement, make sure you request them before you sign.

Entertainment Industry Contracts

When you work in the entertainment industry, it’s essential that you understand your contract. While many people think of the industry as all glamour and excitement, some considerations are unique to this business. Depending on your role in the industry, your contract may specify when and where you work, special considerations, or travel requirements. We know what to look for while reviewing entertainment contracts and can help you get the best deal.

If you believe your rights are being violated or you’re being discriminated against, speak to an attorney at Rubin Law Corporation. We will prosecute employers who violate your rights and conduct their businesses contrary to discrimination law.

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