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Orange County wrongful termination lawyer Steve Rubin has been representing wrongful termination victims in Orange County for more than 25 years. With a tough economy looming overhead, employees in Orange County shouldn’t have to worry about being terminated due to their age, sex, ethnicity or religious beliefs.

While we would like to believe that wrongful terminations don’t happen in Orange County, it does, and it is essential for victims of wrongful termination to contact a qualified Orange County wrongful termination lawyer who will provide you with the representation you deserve. Steve Rubin has been assisting the wrongfully terminated of Orange County for more than 25 years, fighting for the rights of those who need it. He fights your case tirelessly and is passionate about protecting the rights of Orange County employees from wrongful termination.

Orange County Cases

In one notable case, a major national corporation with offices in Orange County deprived our client of her rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act and particularly the California Family Rights Act (CFRA).

It turns out the Company had an internal definition of “serious health condition” at odds with the California definition under CFRA. As is frequently the case, the devil was in the details, or in this instance, in the California regulations implementing CRFA. As a result, our client was denied family medical care leave for a medical issue that in fact should have qualified. The employee was terminated for “excessive absences” — but when the CFRA qualifying events were added back in, the absences were NOT excessive, even by the Company’s definition.

In this case, we were able to negotiate a settlement soon after a lawsuit was filed. Notably, we were able in this case to give the entire settlement proceeds to our client, and file a fee motion with the Court. The matter was turned around from first office visit to conclusion in less than six months. Our client was pleased with her settlement.

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Disability discrimination case

In another Orange County case, our client had been in an automobile accident and suffered injury to his back. As an accommodation, he needed leave from work. He worked in an automobile repair center with locations throughout Orange County and the state of California. When he requested leave, his employer reluctantly granted it.

He was pressured to return before he was well. He returned, but then found that because of the pain, he had to leave again. He took only two days of medical leave, before he returned to work. However, by the time he returned, the Company had already transferred another employee from a different location to replace him.

He was told that very day that he was being laid off due to “lack of work.”

We drafted a complaint with Causes of action for Disability Discrimination; Retaliation; Failure to Accommodate and other related matters. Before the complaint was ever filed in Court, the Company agreed to mediation so as to settle the claim. Within a few months, the matter was resolved, to the complete satisfaction of our client.

In California, a disability is any medical condition that limits a major life activity, such as working. A bad back is a classic example. Frequently, companies fail to recognize employee rights to medical leave as an accommodation and often will retaliate when leave or other accommodations (work restrictions) are requested.

Have you been denied your rights under California’s unique disability discrimination law?

Were you fired after you went on disability leave after requesting restrictions?

Sexual harassment case

An office manager in a medical office complained to us about unseemly behavior of the practicing medical doctors in the office where she worked. The office was rife with sexual innuendo and comment about patients and employee staff. One doctor would dress up in a barbecue apron, rigged to expose plush toy genitalia when the apron string was pulled.

Our client brought suit for a hostile work environment based on sex, and recovered shortly after filing, long before trial.

A hostile work environment based on sex is formed where sexual harassment is severe or pervasive.

Are you being subject to a hostile work environment based on sex?

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