Severance negotiations

Negotiating the terms and conditions of a severance agreement is important for protecting your rights and interests. In some cases, companies attach restrictions to severance packages that impact a person’s ability to find new work, retain health care coverage or talk about certain things that happened at a company.

Before agreeing to a severance package, consulting an experienced employment law attorney can alert you to what a company can and cannot do and how you can leverage your interests. At The Rubin Law Corporation, our Los Angeles severance agreement attorneys review severance agreements, calling attention to terms and conditions that are not enforceable or contrary to your long-term interests. We also call attention to anything that is a clear violation of California or federal law.

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Consider what is in a severance agreement

Our California severance agreement lawyers review and discuss the following issues and how they are addressed by the terms and conditions contained in a severance agreement:

  • Health care coverage
  • Stock options
  • Length of pay
  • Percentage of pay
  • Obligation to train replacement
  • Restrictions on speech
  • Job search restrictions
  • Restrictions on contacting current clients

Contact a Los Angeles severance attorney today

Regardless of whether you are negotiating a severance agreement as part of a larger employment contract or are evaluating your options after being offered an early retirement package, we can help you protect what is in your interest. To schedule an appointment and discuss your situation, contact the Los Angeles severance lawyers at The Rubin Law Corporation today; call 310-385-0777 or contact us online.