Sexual Favors for Employment

Under federal and state laws, sexual harassment is divided into either hostile work environment claims or quid pro quo claims. Quid pro quo is Latin for “this for that,” which in the field of sex discrimination translates to demanding or requesting sexual favors in exchange for employment or other job-related benefits such as promotions and preferred work assignments or shifts. This form of sexual harassment must involve someone with authority over the victim, such as a supervisor or manager, and must clearly or unconditionally apply to a victim’s employment.

At The Rubin Law Corporation, our Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers are committed to fighting against all forms of sex discrimination and sexual harassment that create workplace harassment. We take aggressive legal action immediately on behalf of clients in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and throughout Southern California and the state of California.

Types of sexual favors for employment cases

Our employment law attorneys will help you understand the laws, your employee rights and your legal options for pursuing a sexual harassment lawsuit against your employer, including cases where:

  • An employee rejects sex in exchange for a favor
  • An employee submits to sex in exchange for employment
  • Sexual favors for employment occur even only once
  • An employer was unaware the harassment had taken place
  • The accused was not an employee but an agent of the company

While the specific damages in a case can differ from client to client, we are generally able to pursue compensation for lost wages, punitive damages, expenses and attorney fees related to the case. If you have been fired or forced to quit because of sexual harassment or sexual abuse at workplace, we may be able to have you reinstated as an employee.

Although it is often difficult to return to the workplace following sexual harassment, you have the right to continue working. Our caring lawyers can help you find solutions that allow you to feel comfortable and safe on the job, such as seeking transfer to a different department or company location.

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