"Steve, Caroline, and team were the best thing I could have hoped for. From my first phone call to Rubin Law, to my last, I was always 100% confident in Steve and team that I would be in good hands, and boy was I. I always felt like the team was knowledgeable, approachable, and reachable, and was always met with a great experience along the way. I pray I never need another Employment attorney, but if I do, there is no one else I would trust more than Steve Rubin @ Rubin Law. 100% would recommend 10/10."

- Bryan L.

"I hired this law firm to represent me in 2019, for what I thought was going to be a severance negotiation. I called and gave my details, and they asked me to come in to meet with Steve Rubin. When we got into the meeting he asked a ton of questions, but it was all aimed at just getting a solid handle on my situation so he would know the best course of action. Throughout the entire conversation it was obvious that he WANTED to help, and was just looking for the best possible way to do so. I signed right away with him, and as he dug into my situation, he realized that this would be better suited as a filed case as opposed to a severance negotiation. I took his advice and am beyond glad that I did. He was able to get a lot of corroborating evidence this way through discovery, which made our arguments a lot stronger for his efforts. I sat in on the depositions that he took for my case, and it truly felt like watching a masterclass at work. Watching him systematically tear apart the defendants and their witnesses showed just the sheer level of skill he possessed in litigation. He was able to confront their witnesses head on, and confront them with direct evidence showing their misdeeds. The one thing that was really refreshing was throughout the time I retained him, it truly felt like a partnership. We were working together to reach the best possible outcome, and he did a tremendous job of getting me involved. This working situation really helped with contextualizing all the evidence, which made our position a lot stronger. I never felt like I was in the dark, and I had a good understanding of where my case stood at all times. A few tips that really helped me. Before I called his office, I just jotted down the key facts, details, and a brief timeline to help organize my thoughts. It really seemed to help me keep my details organized when I called in, and they asked me to put one together after my initial call, so this gave me a jump start on having it ready. The other tip I would give would be to trust his advice. He really is an expert in this, and it really showed throughout my case. I wholeheartedly recommend this law firm based on my experience working with them."

- A.N 2022

"Hiring Rubin Law to represent me in my employment law case was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I worked with Steven and his team for over three years while we patiently worked towards a resolution. He guided me from the moment the situation was happening, all the way to the end. All the while, he was compassionate, understanding, and always willing to talk me through any doubts and issues on the case. He never wavered on the value of my case, and in the end, he was proven right. He helped me have a great deposition, and know the evidence of the case like the back of my hand. And on the other side's depositions, he got them to admit to a lot of problems that undermined their case. In the end, the evidence that he helped gather, his management of the case, and his strategies with selecting judges broke down my former employer's resistance. I will be forever grateful to him and his team for believing in me, my case, and the wrongdoing that was done to me and my family. If I ever need legal help in the future, Steven and his team will always be my first call. If you're in a similar situation, please don't hesitate to hire him. I wish I could give him 10 stars."

- AJ. P

"In the fall of 2020 I was looking for an attorney. Several attorneys I spoke with fell into three categories: those who didn't understand the case and passed; those who didn't understand the case but agreed; and those who thought they understood the case but didn't. Rubin Law was in a category of its own: first they clearly explained my case to me, then offered their expertise, experience, and support. They were always instantly available and communicated clearly, worked diligently, spent a lot of time and effort, and maintained confidence all the way. The result and the amount of settlement exceeded all of my expectations. I recommend Rubin Law unconditionally because there’s no substitute for experience. "

- Michael K

"This law firm has one of the best qualities. The attorneys in this law firm are honest, professional, focused, dependable and are always at your service. I will always recommend them for any one looking for a top notch law firm. I give them a five star rating for being awesome."

- James B

"Steve was extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the whole experience. He was laser-sharp when pointing out the culpability of the defendants and the weakness of their defense. He was able to bring the defendant to agree to arbitration and ultimately moderation. I would recommend him to anyone who feels they have a valid grievance and are seeking a speedy resolution. "

- Alan D

"It is without hesitation that I would recommend Steve Rubin as an attorney. I interviewed many prospective lawyers for my employment law case, but none came close in regards to their knowledge of the law, ability to relate to my needs."

- Sasha

"My mother, a former client of Steven Rubin, is now residing at Ocean Villa, an assisted living facility in Santa Monica. Thanks again for helping her out nearly 5 years ago to retain her dignity and helping her to retire on her own terms."

- Leslie S.

"I would not hesitate in recommending Mr. Rubin to anyone in need of an employment attorney. Mr. Rubin and his associates took every measure to ensure the best outcome of my case and kept me informed throughout the process."

- Rachel S.

"I would highly recommend Rubin Law Corp. Steven is an experienced and dedicated lawyer who is empathetic and has your back through the entire process. His team is professional, dedicated, and to the point. They truly care for their clients needs and will make sure you're in a position to come out strong on the other side."

- Jason V

""After being hospitalized, the last thing I was expecting to come back to at work was a termination. I was made to be the villain and accused of job abandonment when my employer had written notice of my hospitalization and I had a written response of acknowledgement. My employer had violated my rights on several occasions prior to this and Steve Rubin's team did an excellent job at reminding my previous employer of the law. For several, employment law disputes can resurface trauma and cause emotional turmoil. Steve Rubin's firm was respectful of my trauma and made it apparent that this case wasn't just another transaction for them. The Rubin firm was always one step ahead of the game and walked me through every step of the process delicately yet showed assertiveness when representing me. I don't regret choosing the Steve Rubin firm and would recommend to someone multiple times over. Thank you once again Steve Rubin Firm."

- JR

"I found The Rubin Law Corporation after a Google search for employment discrimination attorneys. I had been wrongly terminated from a high paying position with a large corporation. I was fully qualified for the position I was hired for but was let go after two weeks with the company claiming that “I was the wrong fit for the job”. I felt I had been discriminated against, and that the company handled the situation unprofessionally, and possibly illegally. I called Steven and made a consultation appointment. We reviewed the details of my case, and Steven was a pleasure to work with; he helped me understand the situation, and gave me several options of next steps we could take. Steven said my case was very strong and took it on free of charge confident we could reach a settlement with my former employer. I had a few brief follow email and phone conversations with Steven and Evelyne, his very professional and personable assistant regarding the case. Simple, easy and concise. Thanks to Steven the company that had discriminated against me settled out of court for a substantial and deserved amount. Steven and Evelyne handled every detail of my case with the highest level of experience and professionalism. Steven Rubin Law made a stressful situation and the entire process of being discriminated against stress free and simple. Thank you Steven and Evelyne!"

- Paul

"I never worked with a lawyer before Mr. Rubin. He and his legal team made all the daunting legal stuff not so daunting. It’s difficult to paint a complete picture of my state when I first met Steven. The company I had been employed by for over 20 years had just fired me and accomplished this through lies, humiliation and defamation of character. When I came to The Rubin Law Firm I was at a very low point in my life but after hearing my story Steven could see I had been wronged and started to work on making things right. He was exceptionally responsive, articulate and very understanding about my case. The Rubin Law Firm not only got my reputation back but brought to the surface the lies and deceit and the person responsible. Steven is a true professional and very reliable. I really can’t say enough about how wonderful my experience has been and he also got me a very nice settlement as well. The Rubin Law Firm definitely exceeded my expectations!"

- Jack L.

"Steve Rubin is by far one of the most exceptional attorneys I have had the pleasure to work with. Steve has a passion and dedication to law, specifically in doing what is morally and ethically right. One of the main reasons I chose Steve to represent me was because he believes in the goodness of humanity, being good to one another, and standing up for what is right. Steve will only take on cases that he believes in, and will stand behind his clients regardless how high the obstacles may be. In addition, Steve is extremely knowledgeable of the policies and practices in all areas of law. He is very attentive to all details involved, and truly cares in ensuring his client understands all aspects of his or her case. His firm as a whole is wonderful; his assistant Bic is also very supportive and is superb in following up with his clients. Given his many years of expertise and knowledge in the legal field, Steve can predict the possible outcomes of any case, and in most cases, will be able to inform his client of everything before it happens. Most importantly, Steve listens to his clients and is compassionate. He truly believes in standing up for what is right, and will utilize his knowledge in his profession with his passion for the law and doing what’s right, all of which encompasses his astonishing support he has for his clients. I am very thankful for his support throughout my case, and highly recommend Steve for anyone seeking only the best in professionalism, knowledge, and dedication to both you as an individual and your case as a whole!"

- M.D. 2

"I spent a lot of years working for a really good Company that treated its people fairly, a place where people (especially Management) who were incompetent and unethical never made it past the first 6 months. I was really just naive to what extent other Companies (and I am talking Large Publicly Traded Companies) would go to, to avoid paying for an ill employee to “get them off the books.” When this blatantly happened to me, I said, “NO!” I really didn’t have any choice, I was in my 40s needing surgery, unemployed trying to figure out how to pay my Cobra, unable to continue my Life Insurance, unable to keep up with my mortgage and forced out of my job under the guise of lay off. I decided, I could not let this one go and found Steve Rubin. He and his staff (who are amazing) gave me the support and the confidence that I needed to fight. Not only am I pleased with the outcome, but the process (though difficult) surprisingly was what I really needed to get through this emotionally. Running from the fight is not good for the soul. I would highly recommend Steve Rubin, and recommend that following through in this manner is what will make real changes inside of a company, and was the only way to change the financial position they left me in. As the old saying goes ‘The only thing necessary for Evil to Triumph is for good men to do Nothing.’ CALL STEVE "

- M.D.