Multiple Employee Lawsuit Lawyer in Los Angeles

Employers frequently misclassify smaller groups of employees believing them to be exempt from California’s wage and hour laws. While these cases may not always be feasible as class actions, they are nonetheless viable as multiple employee lawsuits.

The Rubin Law Corporation regularly handles such multiple employee actions. These cases can involve as few as three employees or as many as dozens. The size of the action notwithstanding, they are a powerful tool for resolving employment disputes between employers and our clients. Whereas a single misclassified employee may not have much negotiating leverage or bargaining power, multiple employee actions put substantial pressure on employers to settle claims and to begin abiding by California’s wage and hour laws.

The Rubin Law Corporation recently settled a multiple employee action pre-litigation (without going to court) for $900,000 involving a service company’s failure to pay its technicians for overtime and missed meal and rest breaks.

If you believe you and your colleagues have been denied overtime pay or meal period or rest breaks, contact us online or by calling 310-385-0777.

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