Additional California Whistleblower Information

When you notice that your employer is acting illegally, you should not have to worry that you may be wrongfully terminated for bringing their behavior to light. There are whistleblower protection laws on the state and federal level that are designed to protect employees who uncover that their company has acted inappropriately, such as misusing funds or creating a hazard to the public.

At The Rubin Law Corporation, our Los Angeles retaliation attorneys are here to protect employees who come forward and expose wrongdoing. We represent employees from all corners of the business world, including the public and private sectors.

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Under California law, whistleblower retaliation is illegal

Under California Labor Code 1102.5 has been substantially revised and broadened so that internal whistleblowing (to a supervisor or investigator) is sufficient to state a claim if you are later retaliated against. The legislation provides in pertinent as follows:

(b) An employer, or any person acting on behalf of the employer, shall not retaliate against an employee for disclosing information, or because the employer believes that the employee disclosed or may disclose information, to a government or law enforcement agency, to a person with authority over the employee or another employee who has the authority to investigate, discover, or correct the violation or noncompliance, or for providing information to, or testifying before, any public body conducting an investigation, hearing, or inquiry, if the employee has reasonable cause to believe that the information discloses a violation of state or federal statute, or a violation of or noncompliance with a local, state, or federal rule or regulation, regardless of whether disclosing the information is part of the employee’s job duties.

(c) An employer, or any person acting on behalf of the employer, shall not retaliate against an employee for refusing to participate in an activity that would result in a violation of state or federal statute, or a violation of or noncompliance with a local, state, or federal rule or regulation.

Contact a retaliation lawyer today

Retaliation attorney in Los Angeles, Steve Rubin is committed to helping employees assert this right and others under California and federal law, when the worker chooses to do the ethical thing and report misconduct. He can help you with every step of the whistleblower protection process, including if you have been wrongfully terminated as a result of your actions or subject to any type of discrimination, including if your employer creates a hostile work environment after you come forward.

Our retaliation attorneys believe in being detailed and proactive when it comes to handling cases. We quickly build cases to best position our clients for aggressive negotiations, mediation, arbitration or trial, if that should become necessary.

If we do pursue a civil action or administrative proceeding in court, we will demonstrate that your employer may have targeted you, even if you had not brought their actions to light.

You have a right to feel safe to speak up when you become aware of wrongdoing. We can help you. Contact The Rubin Law Corporation by calling 310-385-0777 or e-mail us to speak with a Los Angeles employer retaliation attorney about your employment law concerns.

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