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Wrongful Termination

It may have come about unexpectedly, but dealing with wrongful termination can leave you without a clue about what to do next. You may have worked hard for your employer, only to be let go under curious circumstances. If you have suspicions about the reasons for your termination, you should contact a knowledgeable wrongful termination attorney right away.

Although many employment relationships are “at will,” your employer cannot fire you for some reasons. If you were wrongfully terminated for a cause that is protected by state or federal law, you have rights. Contact Rubin Law Corporation today.

Below, we list six tips for dealing with wrongful termination:

1. Be Proactive

If you suspect that wrongful termination could occur, protect yourself. You may begin gathering evidence and information before you are terminated. Once you leave your workplace, it can be difficult to obtain information from files, coworkers, and others. Before your boss calls you into his or her office, get the names and personal phone numbers of key people involved and obtain documentation that might be important in your case.

2. Stay Calm

Although you may suspect that you are being fired while dealing with wrongful termination, you should avoid getting emotional. Losing your income can be overwhelming and extremely stressful. You may be unsure about how you’ll cover bills and take care of your family. However, losing your cool can provide your employer with fuel to their fire. When you’re dealing with wrongful termination, you need to stay calm.

3. Do Research

Dealing with wrongful termination can be difficult, and the situation is rarely clear cut. You should do as much research as possible about your situation. That may include looking up information online, asking professionals questions, and reviewing state and federal laws. However, a wrongful termination attorney can help you understand the legal issues you’re facing.

4. Document Everything You’re Experiencing

The employer who wrongfully terminated you will rely on the fact that you don’t know what happened. You can combat this by documenting everything you experience and obtaining documentation from anyone else who will help. If you simply suspect that you will be wrongfully terminated, then you should avoid making a problem in the office. However, if your employer has already terminated you, reach out to anyone who may have information about your situation. You should keep a journal to document everything that happens and all information you obtain while dealing with wrongful termination.

5. Seek a Wrongful Termination Attorney

When dealing with complex legal issues, it’s best to work with a skilled attorney who is familiar with the law and knows that government agencies and judges are looking for. Wrongful termination involves an array of state and federal laws as well as government agency regulations. You will likely have to submit a claim with a government agency that may later rise to the level of a complaint in court. When dealing with wrongful termination, it’s best to work with a knowledgeable lawyer.

6. Prepare for Anything That You May Face

Your employer will likely fight back against your wrongful termination claim. However, after you’ve gathered evidence, done legal research, and hired an attorney, you will be better prepared for anything your employer throws at you.

You may also want to develop an explanation for future employers who may ask about your termination from the current employer. You may not want to give them all the information about your case, but you should be honest and clear about what happened to you. Employers may shy away from people who have had legal issues in the past. You should prepare for future discussions about dealing with wrongful termination.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Dealing With Wrongful Termination

Dealing with wrongful termination can be difficult, especially if you feel you did nothing to deserve a firing. Your employer may be violating state and federal laws by taking negative employment action against you. Don’t deal with this situation alone. Speak to a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney from Rubin Law Corporation. We can walk you through the process, as well as develop a strategy to handle your wrongful termination.