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Whistleblower Employees Enjoy Broader Protection From New Labor Code 1102.5 Amendments and Court Interpretations

California employees can now report their employers’ illegal activities with greater safeguards against retaliation.  Several amendments and a Ninth Circuit interpretation of Section 1102.5 broadens the scope of whistleblower protection. [gdlr_title align=”center” style=”divider” title=”Anti-Retaliation Now Covers Job Duties” ][/gdlr_title] In 2014, the California legislature passed an amendment to California Civil Code Section 1102.5.  The amendment […]

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Protecting subcontracted workers through AB 1897

Assembly Bill 1897 created section 2810.3 of the California Labor Code to hold businesses liable for wage theft and inadequate workers’ compensation coverage when they use staffing agencies or labor contractors to obtain workers. Under the prior law, a business could be held responsible for unfair labor practices only if the worker could prove joint […]

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California’s New Fair Pay Act

Governor Jerry Brown signed the Fair Pay Act on October 6, 2015.  This new legislation amending California’s Fair Pay Act Cal. Labor Code §1197.5 is an ambitious attempt to close the salary gap between men and women in the same establishment with “substantially similar” work rather than just the “same jobs.”  The new legislation furthers […]

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